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The Edunamic Advertising Platform integrates with over 28 display, mobile and data partners. You have access to over 90 billion display impressions, over 8.5 billion mobile impressions and global inventory representing over 97% of all online reach. This gives you access to the broadest reach of inventory for your campaigns to be successful.


Years of Education Recruitment knowledge

Educates years of student recruitment specialism has been placed neatly into one easy to use platform that will enable anyone to be able to target the audience they desire.


's of different targeting options

Automatic Optimisation Automatic Optimisation uses machine learning so that you don’t need to manually optimise campaigns. The platform analyses thousands of variables and then makes decisions about where to buy advertising and which targeting is working the best. Human optimisation could never take as many variables into consideration.

The Best Way to find your Students – All in One Software

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Fresh & Clean Design

A simple straight forward onlince platform that runs you from A to B to enable you to get campaigns live as quickly as possible

Very Flexible

Target on what you want to target. Be it; demographics, context, location and plenty more

Self optimising

Once the basis of the campaign is created the program will fully optimise itself with any further need for input.

Who We Are? Meet Our Team!

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.

Rory O'Toole

Head of Business Education

Harry Mitchell

Head of Education Marketing

Lee Harrison

Edunamic Account Manager

What Our Customers Say About Us?

Sian Parry - Marketing Manager, Bangor Business School

‘We have been really impressed with Educate. They have helped us every step of the way, from advising us what’s best for us to the quick turnaround getting campaigns live. The Facebook campaign has worked for us in particular, increasing the number of ‘likes’ significantly and I would recommend this to anyone trying to start developing their social media presence!’

Glynn Jones - International Recruitment Officer, University of Salford

“The services provided by Educate have helped the University to deliver an innovative and effective international marketing strategy. The comprehensive knowledge of the team at Educate has meant that they can advise on emerging trends across our key global markets and provide the latest and most effective tools to reach our audiences. The strategy we have developed in partnership with Educate has had tangible results and allowed us to increase our international recruitment at a time when student numbers have declined at institutions throughout the UK.”

Sergio Oliveri - Advertising Manager, MIP Politecnico di Milano

“Working with Educate has been a great way to help us promote our programs. From helping us identify the right targeting to use, to giving us insights on creative, and developing the most responsive landing pages, Educate were able to ensure we were getting the best ROI on our campaign, making useful suggestions throughout every step of the process. Using a combined media approach allowed us to both enhance brand awareness, and increase the number of enquiries. We look forward to continuing our work with Educate in the future.”

Louise Gough, SERIOUS Marketing Communications Ltd

“Working with Educate is a genuine partnership. They understand ours and our client's needs, culminating in the delivery of intelligent, successful campaigns. They provide us with segmented reports that show results specific to our business needs; this intelligence helps us with forward planning and targeted marketing for our clients. We would definitely work with Educate wherever possible, as they understand how to communicate and effectively attract our desired audience.”

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